Nurses and Doctors,

Again and again thank you for everything after my surgery.

Gene R.

Thank you very much!

For the excellent care I received at your facility. It was a pleasant place to rehabilitate. Even with the pain I felt cared for. I start physical therapy tomorrow on my quest for complete recovery.

Joy B.

My name is Jill…

…and I thought it was time to thank you for all you did for my friend Jason B. while he stayed with you for a short while.

Jason had been at a tough place in his life for a lot of reasons. My husband at the time, and I were glad to be able to spend time with him, because he had been living in Prescott. Pete researched a lot of placed for Jason and chose yours. He was happy there and we all thought that the quality of care was excellent. The personnel couldn’t have been nicer.

One of my favorite memories was being able to steal him to go out to New Year’s Eve.

Eventually, Jason moved back to Prescott with his family. It was tough having him so far away. He had another brain surgery, but as strong as he was, his time came just after Thanksgiving in 2012.

One of the silver linings of his illness was that he was able to spend a lot of quality time with his daughters. Of course, Pete and I miss him every day. It was such a joy to know him, no matter what his capabilities were from day to day.

Thank you again so much for being there for us through the good times and the not so good times. I am so grateful.

Jill H.

Just a note…

To say thanks to all of you for all you did while I was there. You all were very caring and understanding and cared for everyone’s needs and demands. I really appreciate everything.

Roxanne J.

I am so grateful.

Thank you all for your help in my recovery.


I want to express my thanks…

For the wonderful care you folks gave me during my recent rehab stay. I speak blessings on you and your whole family. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Eldon B.

For People like you,

God bless you all!!! Thank you for the wonderful care and attention.

With Highest Regards,
Jaden P.

To Whom it may concern;

Must say I can almost ditto my letter to you. The care if that is possible was as I said before, “Fit for a King”. I had the same diagnosis, needed the same special & loving care as in Feb. Was very happy to see all the faces of my loving and caring staff, they all greeted me and even gave me my same room. I cannot explain the comfort and knowing that all was going to be ok, soon. Seeing all the same staff and how wonderful they all worked together told me one thing they were happy and proud of their facility. This alone speaks very loud and clear about the care in your facility. I can only say someone flew around the valley, like a butterfly picking the best going for Ridgecrest Healthcare. Being a nurse for over 40 years, I searched and searched for even one flaw in anyone, not to be found.

I found the Residents very content, clean, taken wonderful care of and all seemed very happy. Very seldom heard a call light going more than once, then I would hear in a very soft voice, “what can I do to help you?” Seemed someone was making rounds and checking in on everyone all the time. In the cafeteria, we all know others by first name and would visit. Must say, “At home away from home”.

Ot & PT was perfect also, everyone very professional, kind and lots of loving care. Each new treatment was explained well, checking to make sure we were comfortable, and had plenty of water. The butterflies certainly selected the choice staff for your facility. Again must say have never seen a more perfect group working together as a team. Hole on to them all, you have the best going.

I did lots of PR for you during my stay, had many of my medical friends visit me, took them for a little tour. They were shocked to see such a beautiful, well run and organized facility-clean in every manner, quiet and a sense of well-being for the Residents. All said, “This is the place to go when needing Rehab”, I certainly agreed.

I understand the facility has new owners. I pray the management will remain unchanged as you certainly have the best going. In all my years of nursing, I can tell you for a fact, THERE IS NO COMPARISON. I have visited many facilities and we won’t discuss this any further, Ridgecrest Healthcare is the “TOP OF THE LINE”.

Must not forget Daberta, again she made my stay very comfortable allowing me to use your laptop to follow up with my diabetic classes and correspond with my clients. This certainly sped my recovery and I was able to check my well over 1,000 emails by day three in your facility. What a blessing, “thanks so very much Daberta, you are certainly an angel”.

Wish I was able to find the appropriate words to express my thanks and appreciation for all your facility did for me, but unable to find anything to match my feeling in the dictionary or thesaurus. So I will end with a “thank you to all, and I love you all”. May God bless you all and keep you safe and continue to share your love and care.

I remain,
Arlene C.

Dear Friends,

David, Robin, Kelsey, Donald, Rita (I love your hometown, Ukiah, Ca) and all the wonderful tech people and nurses who gave me such great care. I am walking on my own thanks to all of you. My recovery the doctors here think is remarkable. I cant thank you enough.

Very Sincerely,
Lou I.
August, 2013

To all you in Unit 1,

You truly made my stay pleasant! All of you work those long hours, but your helpful, kind attitudes make the atmosphere very friendly. I plan on coming in sometime with a treat. I know you all can enjoy! See you then.

Judy T.
August, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you all for your wonderful love, care and always there. I shall never forget. May God bless you all forever. My Family, I love you.

Arlene C.
August 12th, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you to the nursing staff and housekeeping, and all who came in contact with my mom, Margie E.! You have made a not so fun event in her life into a time to remember people who were kind, caring, cheerful and compassionate toward her. I was able to see it for myself every time I was there – you are all willing to go the extra mile to help and encourage. (whick is so rare!) Thank you for all that you’ve done to help her to be ready to go home again! It is appreciated and hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Augi B.
August, 2013

Thanks for the RLC!

Lorraine and her family appreciate the excellent progress you have achieved in restoring her physical and speech (swallowing).

Lorraine M.
July, 2013

As you know…

I will be leaving this facility on Friday, July 12th. I want to express a thank you to each and every staff member. Since I have been here you have always treated me as professionals, who have been most comprehensive. I will always be grateful for your treatment and caring for me. I have never expreienced what I have here at Ridgecrest and I must say it has been most pleasant.

I will always remember each and everyone of you for the role you played in my rehabilitation.

Again, Thank you very much.

Sandy B.
July, 2013

Now that I can write –

I want to thank all of you for your loving care and devotion. All of you are the BEST!

Thank you for restoring my hope and joy!

Penny C.
June, 2013

To Whom It May Concern;

I would like to attempt to share my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful service I received at your facility. During my stay, I was given service by all. As I told my daughter, “fit for a King”. This includes everyone from housekeeping, all the nursing staff as well as your food service. the best going. Your Rehab Dept. the best, I arrived, very scared, unable to stand alone or walk. So very fast I had graduated from the wheel chair, walker and to cane to walking the halls with little help, encouraged by every step I did on my own.

My call lights were answered immediately, always with a smile and kind word. Fresh water frequently throughout the day, snacks between meals (many selections to choose from). Newspaper every morning available, arts to keep your mind busy, Daberta L. (the flying angel), loved her so much. She always appeared just when you needed her most, never had to call her. Enjoyed her Sunday service so much, speaking of wearing many hats, this is Daberta. It appears your facility has spent many hours seeking and selecting the BEST of the BEST for every position. How blessed you are.

Daberta and others allowed me to continue with my teaching diabetic classes and corresponding with my boss as to when my classes would resume by offering me the use of your laptop. Don’t know how I could have communicated with my illness and time away from classes. What a plus this was for my recovery and Peace of mind during my confinement at your facility.

I am sure you are aware of your staff and the care that is given to your residents. Must say, I have been in nursing well over 40 years and have never seen the expert care by ALL. I shall go forward now and spread the word for, RIDGECREST HEALTHCARE to all, have lots of connections to most of our valley hospitals and believe me they will know about you and your facility.

Thanking you again for everything, I am doing well at home and looking forward to going back to my classes. May God bless your facility and may you continue on with the wonderful service you are giving to so many.

I remain so very thankful for choosing your facility, “fit for a king”.

Arlene C.
February, 2013

Dear Ridgecrest:

My mother has been in room 111 for over a month and I do not believe that any person coming in her room have been anything but helpful, polite, friendly and professional.

No matter whether they are a RN, LPN, CNA or Physical Therapist they have been wonderful to my mom. You cannot imagine how reassuring that is to my family.

I hate to name names because I know I will forget someone. I do want to mention Donald and Herman because my mom did not want men helping her and now she is always saying how gentle and respectful they are. She always says that they do more than they have to because they are so nice.

Thank you for providing my mom with a safe place to recover.

Donna A.
January, 2013

Dear Ridgecrest:

Thank you for such wonderful care. Merry Christmas!

Ron A.
December, 2012

Lou Ann made it to California!

Thanks to all of you, my Mom is safe and sound in Ukiah, CA. She did great on the flight up although I thought I might lose a finger or two when we went through the clouds on the descent! She has quite a grip! Her first night here, she exhausted….didn’t even ask for a sleeping pill. We will keep you posted on her recovery, but of course we know you have all made a successful recovery a reality. Have a great holiday!

Chris, John, Marilyn and Lou Ann
December, 2012

To: Ridgecrest Staff:

Thank you for all your help and support during rehab. Happy Holidays!

Steve M.
December, 2012

Dear People at Ridgecrest,

I would like to especially thank a bunch of folks for helping me recuperate from my partial hip replacement surgery, which was performed on 10/16/12, then brought me to Ridgecrest on 10/19/12 for a 20 day stay. Please remember that at 70 years old, the poor brain has a bit of a hard time remembering all the names of the wonderful folks who were instrumental in getting me well enough to go home. In particular, I do not recall names of the “front office” folks, so please accept my thanks with naming names!

1. The physical and occupational department who worked tirelessly to get me functioning well enough to safely go home: David, Dina, Lisa, Toy, Robin, Tamara, Cindy, Gary (plus names I may have forgotten)

2. The nurses who did their best to keep my pain at bay and administer all my “meds” Josephine, Cody, Patsy, Andrea, Carol and perhaps others whose names elude me.

3. The CNA’s who helped me in so many ways and were so prompt at “answering” the call …that “red light” – asking for assistance: Kelsie, Stacy, Andrea, Herman, Christina, Noria (and many others)

4. Other special folks: Berta (so special) – and Tap, Tom, Dr. Maskin and the other doctors who visited me and the cleaning crew who kept my room so clean you nearly “eat off the floor”; Valerie and Maria

November, 2012


Thank you for being there for our Mother and us. You are very special.

Berdie N.


We wanted to express our sincere thanks to you for your love and thoughtfulness in the care of my Mother. Having you there was a great comfort to us and her. Once again thank you.

Berdie E.’s Family

Holly Gibson,

An overdue acknowledgement of the fine treatment I received last October during my rehab from back surgery. My needs were addressed on a timely basis, facilities were clean and spacious. Special kudos to Danielle who could coax a smile from even the most pained patient.

Robert F.


Thank you so much for your help and patience with me during my stay. The PT/OT staff was amazing with how you dealt with me.

Alfonsa T.


Our family can never thank you enough for being there for our Mom! You went above and beyond in caring for her and helping us to get her standing and walking again! May God always bless you and return to you 100 times over for what you have given!

With sincere appreciation for the care of our mom, Frances R., and the service of our country. God bless you and thank you.

Frank and Lon W.

Dear Holly,

As President of Resident Council, I would like to thank you, for myself as well as the other residents, for the great party that you put on for us. The food was plentiful as well as delicious and the atmosphere couldn’t have been warmer and friendly.

We all feel very fortunate to be residents here, to be receiving such excellent care. Again, thank you! We all look forward to the next “Gala”.

Lesley E.