About Our Care

Our Facility

Ridgecrest Healthcare, built in 1985, is a 200-bed facility and offers both private and semi-private rooms. The private rooms open to a spacious patio. Resident common areas include living rooms equipped with TV, recliners and game areas. The facility also has a specialized designed movie and screening room for residents to enjoy movies, sporting events and the like on a big screen TV as well as private parties. The main Activity Room has kitchen facilities and plenty of space for arts and crafts. In addition to all of this, the Main Dining Room is an exceptionally large and spacious room able to accommodate special events such as our quarterly family nights featuring live entertainment. An amazing 1929 Ford Model A Roadster provides unique décor in the main dining room. The facility has two large outdoor patios with gardens, swings, BBQ’s and a gazebo seating area. Additionally, each of the specialized secured units has its own outdoor patio.

Activities Programming

The Activity Program at Ridgecrest Healthcare is designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of each resident. Each special program has its own activities program and calendar geared to meet the individual needs and interests. The following will give a brief description of the activities and a day in the life of a resident on each of our specialized units:
Rehab and Sub Acute Unit (Bedford Drive) – Our rehab unit offers activities that promote independence and help maintain interests that were pursued while at home. We believe that activity participation goes hand in hand with therapy because it improves mood and renews interest in something they enjoy. Each resident has the opportunity to participate in independent leisure activity in their rooms, i.e., reading, crafts, crossword puzzles, word searches and the newspaper. They also receive one-on-one visits from staff that provide lotion massage, music, manicures, games and conversation. Each resident is invited and encouraged to attend facility events such as music programs, Bingo, special events, current events, church services, bible study and more.

Long-Term Care (Route 66, Ocean Drive) – We have many independent residents who enjoy pursuing their own interests either alone, with other residents or with family members. Many of our residents in these units are very active and participate in many of the facility group activities. Activities include bingo, bowling, parties, music programs, games, cooking classes, arts and crafts and bible study. Each day brings a new challenge to their minds and physical well-being. They love going out in the community for lunch or shopping and once a month is Fast Food Fridays when food is brought into the facility. Residents receive one to one social visits and sensory stimulation using pet visits, lotion massages, music, and poetry readings. Ridgecrest Healthcare has an active Resident Council that meets monthly to make suggestions, offer ideas and to address any concerns that residents may have.

Dementia Care (Abbey Road, Sunset Boulevard, Verde Lane) – Our three specialized dementia care programs are set up on a Social Model of Care where everything is considered an activity. Each resident is encouraged to become involved as they exercise with balloons and rhythm instruments. The Activity Coordinator calls each person by their preferred name to get the appropriate response and reaction to the activity at hand. Involvement in activities decreases behaviors and wandering without a purpose. Activity supplies are left out for the residents in-between meals to promote independent involvement. These special units have a very active schedule each day. In addition to the group activities, resident also receive one to one visits for sensory enhancement and calming using music and massage.

Behavioral Care (Renaissance Road, Monroe Street) – Activities in our specialized behavioral units are used to help decrease behaviors. Behavior plans are developed for residents and their involvement in activities is part of that plan. If they are active and involved, behaviors usually improve or are less severe. They enjoy movies, monthly barbecues, table games, exercise, card games and music. Their calendar is designed to provide activities to decrease behaviors but also to increase interest in meaningful and positive events.

Each of the specialized activity programs is looked upon as unique and designed to fulfill the various needs of each and every resident. We work closely with the community schools, churches, and other organizations to provide a wealth of community events offered in the facility. We also have a chaplain on staff that provides hospital visits, church services, bible studies, individualized prayer and counseling. At Ridgecrest Healthcare we tailor our program of activities to our residents.


A registered dietician plans and oversees special diets and individual needs as per doctor order and recommendations. In-put from families and patients are always welcome. Residents have a choice of two different main entrees at every meal and a variety of snacks are offered throughout the day. Special diets are also accommodated.